I picked up a cheapo stereoscopic VR headset right around the same time I was learning to program in QBASIC (after not looking at a line of code in almost ten years) and at the same time, I was listening to the audiobook of "Ready Player One" by Ernie Cline.

So, naturally the thought occured to me to build an awesome 80s-style VR lobby for the Cardboard apps I have. A quick search through the app store later and I found RFO-BASIC, a great little BASIC compiler that runs on Android.

It's a slow grind, but I have the basic design for the lobby done, some of the side-by-side graphics stuff worked out, and a few of the controls.

Files and Documentation

Top Projects
Project Name Description Languages/Machines GitHub
APB App Android "panic button" app for logging and transmitting GPS data. RFO-BASIC Available
Stereo VR A VR lobby program for Google Cardboard. RFO-BASIC Avail. Fall 2016
Project JUNE A shopping assistance app. Python Not Available
Four Rooms Proof of concept for text adventure games. QBASIC Not Available
The Fifth Room Conversion to Python of "Four Rooms" concepts. Python Not Available
20-Gauge 20-Gauge shotgun. Every part made by hand. Bandsaw/Drill Press/Lathe Not Available